Designed specifically for the precast concrete industry, the Titan Precast Management System combines critical administrative, financial and production management processes into one easy-to-use, comprehensive software package. Based on 20 years of continuous development and improvement, the Titan system reduces overhead costs by streamlining and tracking every aspect of a plant’s day-to-day operation.

From job order processing to production scheduling, through quality control and accounts receivable collections, Titan enables producers to follow customer orders through every step of the precast production process.

TItan Precast Management System

Originally launched in 2000, the Titan Precast Management System evolved from the Muka Development Group’s process of working with companies to develop industry-specific business software backed by superior product support. Founded in 1990 by James L. Muka, CPA, Muka Development Group builds strong customer satisfaction and loyalty by listening to customers and continuously adding new features to its suite of products to keep pace with an ever-evolving industry.

Since its inception, the focus has been to automate and streamline accounting, administrative and management functions through the power of quality business software applications backed by extensive training and product support. Over the years we have automated many companies in a variety of industries and have helped hundreds of precast manufacturers take control of their business processes.