Focused Online Learning

Titan’s Online Learning Lab brings focused training to your plant or home office through our custom-designed small group training sessions. Now, you can take advantage of the Gladiator Boot Camp course series in our online format.

Thorough and comprehensive, Titan’s Gladiator Boot Camp seminars will unlock greater productivity as you learn new skills that will arm you with expert working knowledge of Titan’s powerful operating system. Whether you are new to Titan or are a long-term user, you will find the seminars enlightening and refreshing as you learn from our expert instructors and your fellow Boot Campers.

Earn Gladiator Certification

The Gladiator Certification Program provides a clear pathway to advancing your skills and earning recognition as a CERTIFIED GLADIATOR. This certification designates you as the Titan EXPERT at your plant.

Chart the Path

Titan Precast Management System Gladiator Certification

Benefits for Titan Users & Your Company

  • Learn from expert instructors who share in-depth knowledge of how to get the most out of each module.
  • Gain increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Grow your skills and stay current on Titan through recertification seminars on the latest enhancements.
  • Achieve career goals while benefiting your company.
  • Earn recognition as a Certified Gladiator Titan User.
  • Increase overall efficiency by having an in-house expert on Titan.
  • Enable new employees to transition into Titan more effectively by having a trained employee teach them.
  • Look for Gladiator Certified employees when you’re hiring.

Financial Bonus

  • With each employee who becomes Gladiator Certified, your company will receive two additional licenses for free. The Titan license fee is $900 each – a $1,800 savings.
  • After your first employee becomes Gladiator Certified, the company will receive one free module of choice, along with five training hours (a $625 savings on training). The free module does not include the Accounting, Module, the Management Module or Visual Takeoff 3000.
  • If at least one employee is Gladiator Certified, you can send employees to any future seminar for $800 per attendee (except for VT 3000 if your company has not attended that one previously).
  • If at least one employee is Gladiator Certified, you will receive three free months of either the Contractor Hub, PickIT, QCTitan, or Sign-It. Training of the mobile application selected and set-up includes two users maximum for those three months
  • Optional 2-day onsite training for one Titan user (discounted to $1,500 per day not including expenses; total savings of $1,000) or group training for five users at Titan headquarters for hands-on training at $750 per user for two days. Travel expenses not included. Lunch provided.

Boot Camp Attendees Say …

Titan Precast Management System - StructureCast


“My experience with Titan training has been exemplary! For two days, I was able to address specific issues we have implementing the production, QC, and shipping modules of Titan. As a result of these training seminars, we have been able to bring back valuable information including specific action items to better utilize the full power of Titan to the benefit of StructureCast. The staff is awesome, extremely supportive and totally available to help. I highly recommend these seminars for all Titan users, regardless of company size or type of implementation. There is something to learn for everybody – senior management, accounting, production, estimating, project management and QC. It is definitely worth the time and money – an investment in the success of both your people and your company.”

Anna Dezember, Administrator

Titan Precast Management System - Gillespie Precast


Great experience. I attended the Production Schedule and Entry seminar. Muka Development Group does an excellent job with the seminars. Instructors (Alex and Tom) were excellent. They were able to give individual attention to the attendees, which was wonderful, because every customer uses Titan a little different. I was not sure I was going to benefit from the seminar because I have been working on Titan for 15-plus years, but I was wrong. You quickly realize that there is always a more efficient way to do something and something new to learn. Overall the seminar was very informative.

Chris Branham, Administrator
Gillespie Precast

Titan Precast Management System - Pretech

One-on-One Time

The main benefit I’ve gotten out of my visits to the seminar are the small class sizes and the ability to have one-on-one time with the instructors. This gives you the opportunity to dive into questions you may have on a deeper level. The way they have the courses set up and present it really helps as well. I learned more in three days than I could have possibly learned in months with the in-depth look they give you to the software at the seminar.  It really pieces everything together and gave me the ability to troubleshoot some different things just because of my new gained knowledge and understanding of the Titan software.  That’s something that wouldn’t have been possible without attending these seminars.

Ryan Adams
PRETECH Corporation Precast Concrete Technologies