Titan Precast CRM Module


The “Customer Dashboard” is the center piece of our CRM system and offers information that only Titan can provide. Our “Contact Management” screen and “Weekly Planner” screen round out what might be the most powerful CRM system in the precast industry.

Titan Precast Visual Takeoff Manager Module


The Visual Takeoff module featured in Titan is the most advanced and efficient way to perform takeoffs and piecing up structures. A picture of the stack and a plan view displays right next to your takeoff to give you a visual representation of the structure you are working on.

Titan Precast Visual Estimator Module

Visual Estimator

The Visual Estimator is designed to make the estimating process for custom products easy and precise. By enabling users to view a drawing while entering custom dimensions the Visual Estimator can be configured to automatically create accurate, detailed bills of materials. 

Titan Precast QC Module

Quality Control

Filled with analytical reports and graphs, Titan’s Quality Control Module enables companies to leverage their QC efforts. Strong integration with Titan’s production and production scheduling features makes the onerous tasks of quality control paperwork – simple.


ManageIt All

The Titan Precast Management System delivers rock-solid software for the precast and prestressed concrete industry. This advanced software is designed specifically to meet the needs of precast and prestressed concrete manufacturers by providing an integrated system to manage all elements of the plant’s operations. From quoting and estimating to production scheduling, QC and dispatching, all the way through financial reporting, Titan features a suite of customized modules for precast and prestressed companies of all sizes.

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“What’s great about it from our side is that it ties everything together. Other than a few of the smaller packages, we use every module. We use it for quoting, costing, drawing, scheduling, quality control, loading, dispatch, invoicing, payable, et cetera.”

– Chad Nance, Partner, Nance Precast Concrete Products

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