James and Magda Muka

While the Titan Precast Management System has been evolving and improving alongside the precast industry since 2000, the company can trace its roots to 1990, when James Muka, CPA, founded the Muka Development Group. Since its founding, Muka Development Group has automated hundreds of companies in a variety of industries – everything from funeral services to pharmaceutical companies – with a focus on creating the optimal blend of “off the shelf” programs and customized applications for each individual company. Now, through their considerable experience in working with hundreds of precast concrete manufacturers, they have a deep understanding of the importance of mission critical applications for precast businesses and believe that intuitive software and excellent support are the keys to success.  Since its inception, the focus of Muka Development Group has been to automate and streamline accounting, administrative and management functions through the power of quality business software applications.

Kinetha Delgado

Senior Product Manager
Kinetha has been with Muka Development Group since 2000. In her role as senior product manager, she organizes and monitors all daily processes and service-level agreements to help our internal teams meet client expectations. She conducts research on data information to resolve back-end issues using SQL and Microsoft Access. Kinetha also coordinates training schedules and prioritizes work for the team by leading regular conference calls with key client personnel. Kinetha graduated from Rutgers University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Pam Delisa

Titan Trainer / Tech Support
Pam DeLisa assists clients with setup of their Titan software system through onsite and online trainings. She is also a member of the technical support team.

Randy Meckley

Integration / QC Titan Developer
Randy worked in the precast concrete industry for five years as a draftsman and IT manager before coming to Muka Development Group. He is a C# developer working with technologies like WPF, WinForms, WCF, and SQL Server. Randy has built many custom integration solutions for our customers, ranging from flat file imports to working with other web services. Randy loves working with technology and working with people in the precast concrete industry.

Alex Muka

Software Engineer / Technical Sales & Product Manager
In addition to his role as a software engineer, Alex heads our team in technical sales and product management. He also assists with client set-up and technical support. Alex graduated from Monmouth University with a bachelor’s degree in software engineering.

Ed O’Malley

Senior Product Manager
Ed O’Malley started in the precast industry as a form carpenter, building wood forms for precast boxes back in 1988. After advancing to positions of QC manager, engineering technician and product manager, Ed briefly left the industry to pursue a career in information technology. Those two skill sets merged when Ed joined Muka Development Group in 2004. He is involved with all Titan installations, dealing with SQL server setup, server and workstation installs and providing training and support for the Muka Development team and for Titan users.

Tom Reilly

Titan Trainer / Tech Support
Tom Reilly is responsible for assisting with client setup on the Titan software through onsite and online training. Implementation of VT 3000 and transitioning existing clients from VTO to the new takeoff platform is his specialty. He is also a member of the technical support team and heads our Gladiator certification program. Tom earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University of Rhode Island, followed by an master’s degree in business administration at Monmouth University.

Ralph Revet

Senior Software Developer
Ralph brings a strong background of multilingual programming to his role as a programmer and member of the development team. His experience includes platforms and technologies that run on Asp.net in vb, and c#, c#.net, mvc, vba, sql, javascript, jquery, css, java for Android development, and most recently Xamarin, and .net core 2.0. He has built and worked on intranet applications, public, and e-commerce websites, and has supported the writing of custom functionality applications for Muka Development Group in the past as a contractor, and now as an employee.

Leah Clark

Titan Trainer / Tech Support
Leah Clark, a precast industry veteran, has joined Muka Development Group LLC in a technical support trainer role, assisting users of the Titan 3000 Precast Management System software. Leah has been a Titan enthusiast for 15 years while working in the precast concrete industry. Blending her Titan experience with more than a decade in customer service, Leah will provide technical support to meet the needs of Titan 3000 users.

Caonabo Delgado

Technical Project Manager
Caonabo brings more than 15 years of experience in operations, supply chain and implementation of various ERP systems to Muka Development Group. He will focus on expanding Titan to Latin American markets with an emphasis on technical sales, product management, client set-up and technical support. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Caonabo is uniquely suited for his role in Titan’s expansion, as he will be able to draw on his degree in engineering, his MBA and a successful background in operations.

Vincent DeCaro

A former Muka Development intern, Vincent DeCaro has joined the team full-time as a programmer focusing on integrations. Vincent has a wide range of programming skills and is an important resource for our clients that are integrating Titan 3000 into their operations.

Che Elberfeld

Titan Trainer / Tech Support

Che Elberfeld joins the Muka Development Group team with more than 20 years of experience as a supervisor, plant production manager and production analyst in the precast concrete industry. As a production analyst for Columbia Precast Products and Rogue Valley Precast, one of his key responsibilities was to implement the Titan 3000 Precast Management System for employees. He has also worked in supervisory positions for Hanson Pipe and Precast and Rinker Materials and has an extensive background in all aspects of precast plant operations.