AI Automation for Takeoffs and Quotes

Introducing SPOT, our new software that helps precasters quickly extract structures information from site plans. SPOT makes it easy to create quotes and takeoffs for sanitary and storm structures by automating the time-consuming tasks of extracting critical structure information such as the StructureID, Station and all elevations required to quote or engineer the structure.

How SPOT works:

1. Highlight the structure callouts on the plans.
2. Click the Extract Structure Data button.
3. SPOT extracts the critical structure information using AI technology.
4. The extracted information is automatically displayed in a spreadsheet.

If you want to take it a step further, SPOT enables you to identify the exact location of the structure on the plans and link structures together, giving you all the angle information to do a fully engineered takeoff that can be used to quote structures or be imported into a takeoff program.

SPOT dramatically reduces the process of creating quotes and takeoffs for sanitary and storm structures, saving you time and effort. SPOT does not require the Titan 3000 Precast Management System, but there are many benefits to combining SPOT with Titan 3000. Contact us today to learn more about how our software can help you streamline your workflow and increase your productivity.

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Titan Cloud Suite

Unleashing Precast Efficiency in the Cloud

Titan 3000 Cloud Suite is quite simply the future of precast management, reimagined for the cloud era. Here’s what sets it apart:

1. Cloud-Powered Agility: With Titan 3000 Cloud Suite, your precast operations are no longer bound by physical constraints. Access your critical data and tools from anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re at the office, on-site, or working remotely, Titan 3000 Cloud Suite ensures seamless collaboration.
2. Remote App Experience: Imagine having the power of Titan 3000 right on your desktop, but without the installation headaches. Titan 3000 Cloud Suite is delivered as a Remote App, providing a local application experience while harnessing the scalability and security of the cloud.
3. Hosted by Experts: Muka Development Group, LLC, a trusted name in software solutions, hosts Titan 3000 Cloud Suite on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Your data is safe, and performance is optimized.
4. Integrated Features: Titan 3000 Cloud Suite retains all the features you love from the desktop version. From order processing to financial tracking, it’s a comprehensive solution tailored to your precast needs.

Why Choose Titan 3000 Cloud Suite?

• Efficiency Unleashed: Streamline your workflows, reduce manual tasks, and boost productivity.
• Collaboration Made Easy: Share project data with team members effortlessly.
• Scalability and Security: Scale up or down as needed, knowing your data is protected.

Access Your Titan Modules – From Anywhere

Titan’s powerful plant management modules are in use everyday in precast, pipe and prestressed plants throughout North America. Now, with our new Cloud feature, you can access your entire Titan system from anywhere. Here’s a brief listing of what you can manage in the Cloud:

Technical Specs

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Tired of Juggling Multiple Software Systems?

It’s time for AP+, the most advanced comprehensive software designed specifically for precast and prestressed manufacturers.

Titan 3000 Precast Management Software provides an integrated system to manage all elements of your plant’s operations. From quoting and estimating to production scheduling, QC and dispatching, all the way through financial reporting, the Titan 3000 system features a suite of modules for precast and prestressed companies of all sizes.

New AI-Powered Features

And now, we’re excited to announce that Titan 3000 will be implementing AI tools to make your experience even better! With our new AI-powered features, you will streamline workflow, reduce errors, and improve your bottom line. And wait until you see how we are using AI to streamline takeoffs.

Titan 3000’s AP Plus Service leverages the power of Titan’s Purchase Order Processing system in combination with Titan’s OCR Technology to process invoices in a fraction of the time compared to manual entry.

AP Plus Service transforms your Accounts Payable Department into superheroes by giving them the ability to process vendor invoices lightning fast while improving your proof of delivery process.

How does it work?

• Vendor Emails PDF of Invoice.
• AP Plus Extracts PDFs from Emails.
• AP Plus “OCRs” PDFs extracting all text.
• AP Plus reads text and determines the Vendor.
• AP Plus reads Vendor settings and extracts specific data.
• AP Plus runs “Precheck” process that validates specific data and proof of delivery, such as PO Number and Packing Slips.
• AP Plus automatically creates A/P Invoices for records that passed Precheck.
• AP Plus runs Tolerance Testing verifying specific data.
• AP Plus automatically identifies invoices that failed validation while identifying invoices that are ready to post.

What precasters say about AP+
One of the standout features of the AP+ module is its ability to streamline our operations, providing significant efficiencies in handling invoices and receipts. The Titan Team’s guidance and expertise have been instrumental in optimizing our utilization of the module. This collaborative relationship allowed our purchasing and accounting staff to shift their focus from tedious manual tasks to addressing key business issues and strategic problems. The automation brought about by the AP+ module has not only saved us valuable time but has also empowered us to redirect our resources towards what truly matters – our customers.
Derek VanEnberghe, Controller
Coldstream Concrete

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Precaster’s Hub

App-based access to Titan

The Precaster Hub is a convenient and efficient way for team members to access company data from the Titan 3000 system, no matter where they are.

Whether you’re a sales rep on the road, a production scheduler in the plant, or you’re in the accounting department working from home – with the Precaster Hub you can have immediate access to all Titan information at your fingertips!

It’s the ultimate efficiency app for precasters who want to stay connected to the business.

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