Contractor Hub

Seamless Collaboration With Contractors

Titan’s Contractor Hub is an exciting service that strengthens the collaboration between the precaster and contractor. Through our secure internet hub, precasters and contractors can share up-to-the-minute information about their jobs – without making a phone call!

What Our Clients Say …

“The Titan Contractor Hub has provided our company with a tool to better collaborate and communicate with our customer/contractors. It has:

  • Reduced confusion in our shipping office (improving delivery success)
  • Reduced “noise” in our finance department (providing financial documents – invoices/delivery tickets – that are easy for our customers to access)
  • Enhanced customer awareness around product configurations/stacks (for better planning/preparation in the field)

Muka Development Group has been supportive and responsive to our ideas and requests, providing a reliable product that we can actively promote to our customers and marketplace.”

Kris Rea, CPIM, PMP
Manager, Order Management
Hy-Grade Precast Concrete, part of the Con Cast Pipe Family


Make Your QC Mobile – And More Efficient

In a world that increasingly requires digital data that can be easily transferred between precaster, contractor and project owner (like the DOT), managing your QA/QC process can be a tricky proposition. Reporting requirements vary among the owner, specifier and third-party certification provider (like NPCA, PCI or ACPA). The problem is that many QC records are still kept using a checklist on a sheet of paper attached to a clipboard. Important records like this can be lost, destroyed, not available to the right person at the right time or even faked.

QCTitan reduces duplication of data, cuts down errors and makes your QC process more efficient. QCTitan is where quality control data flow is headed. Contact us today to get on board!

With QCTitan you can:

  • Digitize quality control inspections of product
  • Improve accountability of inspections
  • Allow customization of inspection processes and reports
  • Digitize concrete testing and compressive strength tests
  • Create a custom reporting dashboard for metrics
  • Integrate with Titan’s scheduling and inventory modules
  • Integrate with other 3rd-party software vendors through our public REST Web API

Titan Precast Management Software - QCTitan


Simplify and Confirm Your Product Staging

Timely product delivery is critical to every precast business. That’s where Titan’s PickIT app comes in. PickIT simplifies your staging needs by confirming that products scheduled for delivery have been fully produced and quality checked. With PickIT, simply scan a product’s barcode to verify that the correct item is ready to load, and then double-check the log to ensure that all necessary quality control steps have been taken. It’s easy – and mobile – with PickIT!

Titan Precast Management Software - PickIT Mobile


Paperless Delivery Ticket App

A Contractor Hub app, our new paperless delivery ticket mobile app allows truck drivers to get delivery tickets signed on the go right from the convenience of a phone or tablet. Simply the best way to stay on top of all of your loads and delivery tickets, and get your invoices out quicker.


  • Saves time
  • Use phone or tablet to create electronic signature
  • Creates a real-time record of deliveries so you can get invoices out quicker

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Titan Precast Management Software - SignIT