Titan-Mobile:QC at Your Fingertips

In a world that increasingly requires digital data that can be easily transferred between precaster, contractor and project owner (like the DOT), managing your QA/QC process can be a tricky proposition. Reporting requirements vary among the owner, specifier and third-party certification provider (like NPCA, PCI or ACPA). The problem is that many QC records are still kept using a checklist on a sheet of paper attached to a clipboard. Important records like this can be lost, destroyed, not available to the right person at the right time or even faked.

QCTitan reduces duplication of data, cuts down errors and makes your QC process more efficient. QCTitan is where quality control data flow is headed. Contact us today to get on board!

QC Titan - Titan Precast Management System

With QCTitan you can:

  • Digitize quality control inspections of product
  • Improve accountability of inspections
  • Allow customization of inspection processes and reports
  • Digitize concrete testing and compressive strength tests
  • Create a custom reporting dashboard for metrics
  • Integrate with Titan’s scheduling and inventory modules
  • Integrate with other 3rd-party software vendors through our public REST Web API
Want to get involved and learn more?

Join our Beta program and be part of the discussion of what a Precast Concrete Quality Control Management System should be.