Seamless Collaboration With Contractors

Titan’s Contractor Hub is an exciting service that strengthens the collaboration between the precaster and contractor. Through our secure internet hub, precasters and contractors can share up-to-date information about their jobs.

Contractors can view jobs and structures quickly, determining their status without ever picking up the phone. Contractors can enter structure “request” dates and assign priority numbers directly in the Hub. Precasters can view contractors’ request dates and priorities to automatically release structures for production.

Imagine the time savings, reduced phone calls and less data input.

What could be better? Contractors can view a calendar of upcoming deliveries in a monthly, weekly or daily display.

Production calendars are an optional feature the precaster can offer the contractor. The Hub also offers a Job Discussion Board that enables the contractor or precaster to initiate online discussions.

Attachments can be added to the discussions and all discussion history is saved with the job, viewable directly within the Titan Precast Management System.

The Hub reduces phone calls for the contractor’s accounting department as well. Open invoices, invoice history and delivery tickets are all available within the Hub for viewing and reprinting.

Titan’s Contractor Hub Service will not only dramatically improve customer service, it will reduce internal costs for the precaster. Talk about a competitive advantage!


What Our Clients Say …

“The Titan Contractor Hub has provided our company with a tool to better collaborate and communicate with our customer/contractors. It has:

  • Reduced confusion in our shipping office (improving delivery success)
  • Reduced “noise” in our finance department (providing financial documents – invoices/delivery tickets – that are easy for our customers to access)
  • Enhanced customer awareness around product configurations/stacks (for better planning/preparation in the field)

Muka Development Group has been supportive and responsive to our ideas and requests, providing a reliable product that we can actively promote to our customers and marketplace.”

Kris Rea, CPIM, PMP
Manager, Order Management
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